Many different types of technologies have been developed to not only discourage and to monitor distractions by drivers, but also to aid in the enforcement of distracted driving laws. These action items are designed to underscore the potential value of technologies to mitigate distraction in different ways as well as encourage their adoption, use and evaluation.


2023 priority

Summarize research studies evaluating new and emerging in-vehicle technologies (e.g., driver monitoring cameras) with the goal of increasing awareness of how vehicle technologies can help reduce distraction, and the limitations of these technologies.
The Coalition will use research to identify opportunities to enhance the safe use of in-vehicle technologies and actively engage with automakers to encourage the adoption of effective technologies.


2022 Priority
Review Studies and Analyses of existing and emerging Do Not Disturb While Driving (DNDWD) Apps and share findings with general public.
This action item will focus on eliminating barriers to use and promoting the automatic use of these apps through the actions of drivers and technology companies.
Priority TBD
Share research and knowledge with vehicle safety and consumer advocates to inform approaches to federal mandates and/or voluntary guidance for vehicle-based and wireless technologies to prevent distracted driving.
Encourage and promote ongoing evaluations of these technologies.