Employers play a critical role in influencing safety in the workplace and the day-to-day choices of employees whether they are professional drivers, they drive to see clients at different locations, or they commute to and from their workplace. Leadership from employers is integral to creating a positive traffic safety culture in the workplace. These action items are designed to encourage employers to play a leading role in preventing distracted driving through the use of workplace safety programs and the implementation of new technologies.


2021 priority

Promote best practices for workplace distracted driving policies to inspire corporate leadership and encourage a stronger workplace safety culture which can also influence families, peer groups and the community at large.

The National Safety Council, the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have completed important work on this issue. A review of existing materials can inform a distracted driving program toolkit with clear and actionable steps to guide implementation in the workplace. The Coalition can help increase awareness by sharing these tools through their networks to help reach employers across sectors. Encouraging the use of driver monitoring technologies can help also increase safety. Available download: Driver Distraction Crash Risk in Naturalistic Driving Studies (Literature Review).



Compile and share risk information and best practice tools for employers to inform policies on the use of communication tools.

This will include educating employers about the differences between handheld and hands-free communication technologies and the differences between in-vehicle conversations and phone conversations. The goal of this action item is to help employers understand distracted driving risks and empower them to use evidence to support the development and implementation of workplace policies. Available downloads: Communication Devices Workplace Policy for Employers (No Touch Policy) and Communications Devices Workplace Policy for Transportation Employers (One-Touch).