The National Distracted Driving Coalition (NDDC), formed by the National Transportation Safety Board, is composed of diverse members and stakeholders representing a variety of organizations, including non-profits, industries, governments and communities. The diversity of views and opinions is a key feature of the NDDC designed to encourage the development of innovative approaches to preventing distracted driving. This strategy enables the NDDC to explore multiple tactics to reduce distracted driving crashes. In light of this diversity, it is unlikely consensus can be achieved across all organizations with respect to materials produced. NDDC participation does not suggest all organizations necessarily agree with, or support, NDDC proposals, recommendations, or educational materials, and it would be improper to impute any one organization’s agreement with, or support for, NDDC proposals, recommendations or materials solely on the basis of NDDC participation. Similarly, organizations may advance views or positions that do not necessarily represent the NDDC. Those beliefs, opinions, or statements should be considered to be solely those of the individual organization and not of the NDDC.

The NDDC does not, and will not, engage in any lobbying efforts, specifically, attempts to influence Federal or state legislation or policy. While NDDC participants may engage in lobbying with, or for their respective organizations, they are not permitted to do so on behalf of the NDDC, nor to engage in any lobbying activities in a manner that would suggest, or imply, they are doing so for, or on behalf of the NDDC. If organizations do engage in lobbying, it must be clear that they do so on their behalf, and not on behalf of the NDDC. All materials produced by the NDDC are strictly intended as educational materials for educational purposes.